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Our company has been in this business for the last 15 years. With the set of skilled and dedicated professional we have the clients coming from all over the state to visit us and to test our knowledge. We offer different types of services, but our top priority is installation and repair.

Service and Repair

With very skilled mechanics who can detect even the smallest malfunction, over the years, people became very satisfied with our services. When a customer calls reporting to have a problem with his garage doors, our mechanics are on the field within 30 minutes, depending on the location. They inspect the doors, write a report and present possible costs. In this way, the customer will always know the price for the repair and service.


Garage Door Installation

When we are talking about installation, you can always decide to use our services or try to install it by yourself. If you are not very skilled with this type of work, we wouldn’t recommend you to do it yourself. During the installation, you might break something, and instead of installing it, you will end up repairing it. Leave this type of work to skilled professional.

Garage Door Repair

If you don’t treat your garage doors well, there are so many things that can go wrong. From time to time, you will notice your garage door starts to produce some strange sounds, and it has troubles with lifting up. This is just a beginning of the problems, and if you anticipate them, you will be able to pass with smaller repairs.  On the other hand, if you can’t lock the garage door or to move them with remote control, then we are talking about a serious problem. And the best way to deal with them is to hire a professional.


How To Choose Garage Door

There are different types of garage doors available on the market today. In most cases, the price makes a choice. Some people are willing to neglect the price to have a high-quality garage door. First of all, you need to decide do you need a garage door. Or do you want a fully automated one? If you need one, then measure the size and search online about materials and resistance to weather conditions. Also, always look for the positive review, sometimes expensive doors might end up to be not so good solution.




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    Install and Repair Garage Door – Simple Tricks On How To Do It

    The garage door has become a necessary item in every household. People feel more secure when they can protect their cars from theft and weather. It is not an unusual situation for a garage door to break down, but then what? Whether you decide to repair them by yourself or to hire a professional, these types of damages aren’t something that is too hard to manage. You should always follow the manual’s instructions. On the other hand, your door might still have the warranty, so you won’t need to stress out that too much. It is important to maintain your door regularly to prevent possible malfunctions.

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    How To Repair and Install Your Garage Doors – Easy Tips

    The garage door is a very useful commodity that should keep your cars safe and out of the weather. But, what happened when they broke down? If you are experiencing garage door troubles for the first time, then we know how tiresome this might seem. You won’t be able to lock your cars or to protect them from rain and snow. If you aren’t skilled in repairs, the best thing you should do is to seek experts help. On the other hand, if you are planning to install a garage door, you need to follow few steps. The first sting you need to remove your old doors if you have them.

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    Garage Door Installation and Reparation – The Best Way To Do It

    Every garage door depending on the model and mechanism has a bit complicated system of maintenance and repair. But, we are going to show you few tricks how to do it successfully. Every door has a two main components which every owner should pay attention. The door itself and the opener. To have a fully operating door, you need to maintain them regularly. On the other hand, if some malfunction occurs, the first thing you need to use is manufacturer’s instructions and try to determine the cause. Once you determine the cause, you will be able to repair it more easily.

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Garage door installation process

What you need to know before starting off

Garage doors are used in a variety of places such as car garages or even shopping stores. The reason they are used is because they are convenient to open and close and usually take up less space.

When you decide to do the installation yourself, you need to have the installation manual in place. In addition, it is necessary to have carpentry, measuring and comprehension skills. It takes professionals the installation job takes around 5 hours, 8 hours for handymen and 12 hours for beginners.

Steel and wood are the main materials used in making garage doors. Wood is common among any garages. However, due to its flexible, elegant and flexible design, it is more expensive than steel.

Installing your own garage door

Installing a garage door or garage door repair Houston,  on your own is far from possible as some may say but that is not necessarily the case as some may say. All you need to do is follow the following simple steps. Read them over and over until you feel like you can install the door with your eyes closed. However, note that you may need help from another person especially in lifting door section.

  • The first step is to securing a weather-stripping of choice to the bottom of the doors first panel.
  • Next, you need to hold the door in place. Therefore, nail the jambs to both the sides of the doorway.
  • Now, you need to fix hinges. Hinges should be on the top edges of the door. Make sure that they are secure after fixing them in place.
  • Assemble the vertical, horizontal and curved parts of the tracks. The guide from your manufacturer usually has this information make it the reference.
  • Lift the second section of the door in order to install the rollers. The rollers should be slipped into the vertical tracks that you assembled. This is the part where you need a hand.
  • Attach hinges tightly between the first, second and third sections. Ensure that the top plates of the vertical tracks are secured to the wall and that lag screws are secure as well.
  • Fasten each track to the framing members after attaching jamb jackets carefully.
  • Bolt the curve and horizontal tracks using a ladder.
  • Trim the rear track hanger so as to adjust it to a good length. Secure the track hanger to a ceiling.
  • Now slip the last door section into place and remove all temporary nails from all the places you had attached them to.
  • Lastly, double check the alignment and level of all the tracks and roll the door up a few feet high to confirm that all the sections are properly aligned. If everything is okay then you have successfully installed your first garage door.


 There are other things to consider when installing the garage doors such as spring systems such as the extension and torsion springs. Have some knowledge of how to fix them and if you feel that they are too much to handle, call a professional. Finally, you have a garage door ready to roll to work all you have to do is give it the appropriate care and maintenance.